How well are you Managing your Records?

Author: iComplii
Issue 82

How well are you Managing your Records?

Are you a business owner who offers contract or recruitment services?

Do you have a contingent or high turnover in your workforce? If so, you will more than likely agree that maintaining employee and contractor records is more than a full-time job! If you don’t have a process in place for managing certificates and training records of your team, things can get messy and costly very quickly.

Founders of Sunshine Coast-based organisation, iCompLii, Managing Director Jason Knight and Chief Operating Officer Nic Sattler, saw this problem as an opportunity to create something unique. Jason was the visionary behind iCompLii, which originally started as MiningLink, which boasts a social media following of over 300,000. Jason began his career in the construction industry and then moved into a career split between IT and mining. His time in highly regulated industries brought about the idea for iCompLii. Four years, a lot of coffee and determination later, in January 2016, the business was launched, and now boasts 15 staff members and a head office on the Sunshine Coast.

Co-founder Nic is a strong business woman who has spent more than 20 years climbing the corporate ladder through operational and senior management positions, in retail, building and mining. She has experience in business management, marketing, human resources, training & assessing, risk management and compliance.

 Managing Your Records
Did you know that in regulated sectors such as mining, health, construction, transport, and education, workers must provide not only the basic identification, such as birth certificates and payroll details, but also certificates, qualifications, licences, tickets and permits. If you’re a contractor, you need to include insurances and possibly motor vehicle details.

The Problem For The Worker
How often as a worker have you experienced the inconvenience of lost records, outdated certificates, expired licences or inductions, that have resulted in you being locked off-site or having to book in at the last minute to update your first aid certificate or working-at-heights licence?

The Problem For The Business Owner
As a business owner, the challenge is to stay compliant by having compliant workers and contractors; maintaining worker profiles, and ensuring a system is in place to alert you when certificates or licences expire. You need to be able to schedule your workers’ training to ensure they stay compliant, because getting locked off-site will cost the business in terms of loss of production, downtime, and money.

The sad reality is, that if things go wrong, as the business owner, manager or supervisor you will be apportioned responsibility, and if you have not maintained compliance, that can quickly become negligence or endangerment.

Most business owners say if they have one good administrator, they should be able to manage up to approximately 60 employee records. But that doesn’t allow for times of recruiting and on-boarding. That’s a whole new workload. Placing ads, screening resumes, interviewing, reference checks and on-boarding can take four to six weeks!

The Solution For Workers And Business Owners
The iCompLii platform was designed to alleviate these administrative burdens for businesses, freeing up admin from creating and maintaining worker records, to simply monitoring. This allowing effective administrators to now manage as many as 200 worker records, and to allow your team to focus on revenue generating activities for the business.

So, how well are you managing your records? If you are looking for a cost saving extension to your businesses to improve systems and efficiencies, iCompLii could be your answer.