Intentional Passion, Heart & Hustle

Author: Shari Hall
Issue 83

Intentional Passion, Heart & Hustle

It’s not the classic boy meets girls story when a girl from New Zealand and a boy from the UK find true love in the middle of Hong Kong. But such is the story of Jodie and David Hedley-Ward.

When she met David on her 23rd birthday while working and travelling in Hong Kong, her plan for life was: “I just want to paint and make babies!” When he said, “Okay,” she knew she had met the love of her life.

Today Jodie and David are the Co-Principals of the McGrath Estate Agents office in Caloundra, and they are intentionally passionate about their life, their love, and bringing people and property together.

Both Jodie and David came from entrepreneurial business families, and from as early as she can remember, she’s just wanted to get out there and work. At 13, she got her very first job at an ice cream shop in New Zealand. She grew up and went on to obtain a Masters of Business and Marketing Degree in New Zealand, most of which she thought was just 'common sense'. A strong desire to empower others — in particular women — to lead their best life, led Jodie into the plus-size women’s fashion industry, where she became the brand manager at Artigiano, a fast track 100 Italian women’s fashion company in the UK. After getting married and having children, she felt another passion rise within her — to write a book on behalf of all the 'Sexy Mothers' out there, addressing issues previously neglected in pop literature about the challenges of being a new mother.

During their time together living on the Isle of Wight, David had his own Cornish pasty company, which he sold prior to their return to New Zealand. His interest in real estate came when he and Jodie began their own house hunt and recognised that the service was not what they as consumers had expected. Here they were, motivated cash buyers, and no one was calling them back. Both agreed, they could do better, and David immediately got his real estate licence and Jodie was soon to follow. Working for Bayley’s Real Estate, a company with a high standard for ethics and marketing (with Jodie’s assistance), David acquired the necessary foundation to develop and create their current McGrath office, one they hope will improve perceptions about the profession, and show that real estate can be done differently, that it can be done better.

For David and Jodie, theirs is a philosophy of caring - for their team, their customers, and their community. Their new purpose-built office has become an environment that agents consider to be a home away from home.

The support team are knowledgeable and savvy about current marketing and social media trends, and all are 100% supportive of each other. You won’t find any drama or chaos at the McGrath Caloundra team meetings. Instead, you’ll hear constructive discussions and set intentions that are then displayed on vision boards. There you’ll see people who are genuinely happy and ready to provide consistently friendly service to all their clients. There is a positive ripple down effect from the principals, to their agents, to each of their customers.

“People pick us because we are honest about everything. We tell it like it is. We care at a ridiculous level for everyone who works with us. We are true to ourselves, and we do the right thing. By each interaction we have and each sale we do — it’s just good clean business.”

Open communication is at the forefront of every transaction with their clients. Their team has learned that delivering honest communication throughout the entire process, even if it’s a difficult conversation, is highly respected. “Clients are crying out for good communication. We believe you’re either a 10 out of 10 where integrity is concerned, or you’re not,” says Jodie.

Their interest in contributing and being involved in their local community is evident with their Community Giveback program. Clients are informed that every sale made through McGrath Caloundra includes a $500 donation to the charity of their choice. This allows their team and client base to have a deeper level of fulfilment with each transaction, knowing they can contribute to such organisations as Jake Garret Foundation or Lily House.

Their front of office meeting space in Caloundra is also available for community organisations, like schools or companies needing a meeting space, to use whenever it’s available.

“We’re a little bit different. At the end of the day, nothing beats hard work, and we do work ridiculously long hours. But we get deals done with heart and hustle.”

The next 12 months in real estate on the Sunshine Coast are going to be very exciting. With the Kawana Health Hub precinct set to open in April, the upcoming airport expansion, and the continuing growth of the university, more and more people are choosing to stay local, and Jodie and David will be here, intentionally passionate, about helping you fulfil your real estate needs.