Bringing What Really Matters In Business Into Focus

Author: Amanda and Ian Richens
Issue 83

 Bringing What Really Matters In Business Into Focus

My Carrot Consulting was created through a desire to benefit those corporate teams who are stuck in the old styles of coaching and training in a classroom environment and need to transition to 'real world' techniques, infield route riding, and 'real life' situations.

I also give clients the support and tools needed to face challenges, become true exploratory experts with their customers and develop long-term business partnerships; this allows them to switch from being 'transactional' style sales people to 'relationship' business development consultants.

My Carrot Specialties: all aspects of business development, sales (internal and external), marketing, account management, route to market, distribution, vertical markets, business planning, sales and marketing planning, projections, Training and Assessment coach.


I believe your mental and physical health matters! Being passionate about coaching, business development and business success, I have had the privilege, and been given the gift, of combining these passions together over the last 25-plus years.

Committed and experienced in the FMCG industry, I have now worked within every aspect of the industry at all levels. Three years ago, I made the choice to create my own 'startup' distribution company and was responsible for fulfilling all roles from my home, including sales, marketing, advertising, coaching, stock controller, bookkeeper, warehouse manager, accounts, delivery driver, while also generating new business all in a single day! Based on the success of one of the brands represented, I was 'poached' to join the team at a senior level and grow the brand nationally. Today, I am proud to leave this business to return to my dream role of coaching others in their own business development and sales careers in order to maximise their personal and professional development.

Over the past 10-plus years, I have specialised in business development and sales growth across many strong brands within Australia, identifying areas of improvement and gaps in coaching environments that use dated techniques infield. My aim is to step up and encourage sales teams to step out of the norm of a typical sales role and ask themselves the important question: “Why?”


Your business matters! My speciality is generating improvement and CHANGE to your business’s advantage and benefit. With a passion for technology and the good fortune of having grown up in a successful family business, I’ve gained a strong analytical approach to making things work in a more efficient, economical and user-friendly manner in many environments within your budget.

I am a seasoned business and technology professional with over two decades’ experience covering all aspects of technology and business, culminating in Solutions Architecture, Project Management, Business Analysis, Innovation, Management, Engineering and Operations roles. I can grasp conceptual developments quickly and pass on the implications and advantages to business with an absence of 'jargon'.

Specialising in identification through exploratory, analysis, design, engineering, project management, delivery, across private and public sectors, from small business to large enterprise projects locally and nationally.

'My Carrot' allows me to work with some amazing people across various businesses, further developing my growth of products, services and processes, which I utilise to help everyone I can while sharing my knowledge to the benefit of others. a

Ph: 1300 681 511