Editor's Note: The Revitalisation Issue

Author: Vickie Magic
Issue 81

Editor's Note: The Revitalisation Issue

Welcome to Issue 81 of Matters Magazine, formally Business Matters Magazine.

Welcome to Issue 81 of Matters Magazine, formally Business Matters Magazine. 

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome you to OUR REVITALISATION ISSUE and, of course, that means we have once again revitalised the magazine. So what’s new? 

We are so excited to share an amazing new innovation with you, through the use of the LAYAR APP. We have been getting this ready for you, for this revitalisation issue, for a while now.  It’s pretty exciting! This app allows you, the reader, to hover your phone over a page and bring that page to life, watching all kinds of videos and extra advertisements right there, almost jumping out of the page!

Simply download the FREE APP and take a look, for example, at the advertisement on page 16 for the Big Kart Track, one of the Sunshine Coast's longest running, local thrill experiences. The app will allow you to actually experience a lap around the track!

Or why not flick to pages two and three, and take a look at the Augmented Reality of a test drive on the new Jaguar F-Pace - part of a double page spread by local Jaguar dealer, Pacific Motors. 

It’s incredible! Any place in the magazine where you see the LAYAR 'scan here' logo means you will get exported off the page to a whole new world. We aren’t the first with this technology, of course - magazines have been using it all over Australia, and indeed the World, for a while now.

And you have to keep up with your competitors! 

However, while that’s important, it is much more important that you RUN YOUR OWN RACE.  Don’t be overly concerned about what your competitors are doing, be much more concerned with what you’re doing.  What can YOU do to improve your business? What can YOU do to improve your life?  We at Matters magazine are in constant thoughts of revitalisation, innovation, and whatever else we can do to make a difference here on the Sunshine Coast.

What else can we do to make you love the magazine? 

We are passionate about educating you on all things business and life, about inspiring you to be the absolute best version of you possible, connecting you to like-minded business owners and professionals, and celebrating all things business and life.

Our recent survey showed us you like short punchy articles; you like the magazine NOT in sections, and you like educational-type articles, so expect us to give you more of what you want.  

We want to share with you through the pages of the magazine WHAT MATTERS MOST ON THE SUNSHINE COAST. We absolutely believe that, as Zig Ziglar says, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want".

We know that at the end of the day people buy a product or service from someone they like, someone they know and someone they trust.  We believe that celebrating our TENTH YEAR HERE ON THE SUNSHINE COAST, has helped you LOVE US, KNOW US AND TRUST US and we want to thank you humbly for your constant and continued support.

Vickie Magic