A Personal Journey to the New Millennium

Author: Jean Sheehan
Issue 82

A Personal Journey to the New Millennium

Jean is now internationally recognised in the field of Medical Intuition and, as a leader in her field, she teaches globally and is featured in many magazines and on TV.

Described as inspirational, Jean’s work has been recognised with many business awards.

She educates, coaches and mentors schools, childcare centres and corporations to conscious living and self-realisation.

Jean describes her work as connecting souls to pure abundance and love, releasing limiting beliefs, patterns and habits, to experience a true and absolute empowerment of self-fulfilment and peace in all areas of life.

In her book, Jean invites you to come on this expedition with her as she journeys through consciousness to remember ancient laws from Atlantis, Lemuria and Ancient Egypt about the soul evolution, laws of attraction, sacred geometry and how to live the life you were born to live. In this book, Jean shares her deepest secrets of what occurred. Not even her husband knows!

Jean wrote this book in just 50 hours and published it six weeks later! However, it took her 15 years to allow herself to be vulnerable and have the courage to do so. She says it represents many life  times of ancient wisdom and knowledge, creating magic in the lives of people so they know they are loveable, loving and loved, and connected.

“The way this book came about was phenomenal. I knew I had to be on retreat and keep it a secret from everyone, even my best friend, who is my husband of 25 years, and my two sons, Joshua and Jamie.

I especially had to keep it quiet from clients, as for years they had requested my awakening story. I was meant to be in Egypt with clients teaching the ancient wisdom of these times and coincidently it was my 50th birthday, which was to be celebrated at dawn between the paws of the sphinx. The universe had other ideas for me!”

This book is for those who ultimately want to live the life they were born to live, love their life and consciously create their hearts’ desires. It is a book for anyone who loves the spiritual lifestyle, the selfdevelopment field and connecting to anything real.

Those who love nature, healing, inspiring others and animals. Purpose, passion and service are the name of the game and if you are into that, you will love this book. And when you express it, the universe richly rewards you in all ways.

Without limiting it to the above interests, Jean also shares with anyone about to leave their ‘normal’ world and transition to the unknown and unconscious, like she did. She has taught this wisdom at the University of Queensland; been on the front cover of mainstream magazines, as well as on TV and radio; written an abundance of articles, and been a keynote speaker for the CWA, Zonta, schools and more. She says she knows many need guidance and support, and to know they are not alone, and she sends her heartfelt love to all those dealing with depression, anxiety and suicide.

Her book is written raw and real from the heart. One of the things that came to self-realisation when  her mum died on Christmas Day when she was just 16 years old - and also during this awakening process - is that what really matters is absolute love. Many will have questions while reading and all will be revealed.

It is a journey and Jean asks that you make yourself comfortable and take the journey with her.

Jean says, “When I was nursing, my favourite thing to do was have a great coffee, smoke cigarettes and talk with friends. I called it ‘Coffee, Cigarette, Smut’ and that is what I want you to do with me now. Pretend we are having a cuppa together and contemplating life. Nowadays I have juice, beach and hugs. You will always find me in nature and the beach.”

“The human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts. It is a printout of the internal vibration. Our bodies hold on to our experiences, thoughts and belief systems. The body is a reflection of our truth and shows our unconscious secrets. You are the author of your life. Your biography becomes your biology in your body.”

© by Jean Sheehan

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