Insolvency Matters

Insolvency Matters. Save money on your household budget

How long has it been since you last spoke to your electricity supplier? Or your gas or Internet provider, or mobile phone company? Australians tend to set and forget with their utility providers but the competitive nature of these industries means new deals are always available.
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Insolvency Matters. Savings Can Be Made Online

The digital age has brought a world of knowledge, convenience and entertainment to our fingertips and technology is making it even easier for us to spend money. With a single click, swipe or wave we can transfer, access or spend money without ever seeing a single coin.
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Insolvency Matters. Five reasons to avoid bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can affect every aspect of your life. When people get into debt, their minds immediately jump to bankruptcy. Declaring bankruptcy is commonly viewed as the easy way out of debt, but there is nothing easy about bankruptcy. This complicated process is stressful, lengthy and involves several rules, restrictions and obligations you have to live by.
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