Eyebrow Matters

Eyebrow Matters. Raising eyebrows with colour trends

With the eyebrow trend snowballing in recent years it is quite obvious that colouring methods follow suit. But what makes a great brow or lash tint and how can this be the perfect ‘finishing touch’ for your professional brow design? And with so many colouring methods available, which is best for YOU?
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Eyebrow Matters. Causes of eyebrow loss

It’s hard to stay on eyebrow trend with different eyebrow thicknesses coming in and out of style, and over the years excessive waxing and plucking for that super thin eyebrow may have caused your eyebrows to not grow back!
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Eyebrow Matters. The Professional Look

‘Thin slicing’ — the psychological tendency for people to make assumptions about your earning potential and even level of success within five to seven seconds of meeting you! Which leads to the conclusion ‘to be successful we must look successful’... but what does success look like?
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