Vegans’ meat-shaming tactics


Shoppers at a Woolworths in Melbourne’s St Helena copped a nasty surprise when they made their way to the meat, seafood and deli section.

Stickers were slapped over packets of Primo thinly sliced chicken and other meat/dairy products yesterday, in a bid to discourage shoppers from buying them.

“Warning: this package contains the dead body of someone who wanted to live,” the stickers read.

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A 42-pack of the activism adhesives is currently available for purchase on Etsy for just $11.

The stickers caused a stir on social media, especially among meat-eaters.

Some said the stickers had taken things too far.

Others simply didn’t appreciate the sentiment (or being told what to do).

Others questioned the wording of the slogan. In particular, use of the word ‘someone’ in reference to animals.

While the definition is debatable, the message of the stickers is clear: animal lives are equated with human lives.

“You are not someone … you are an animal,” posted one user, adding, “Human life comes first.”

“Very unkind thing to say when you consider animals as not sentient beings,” another social media user said.

This isn’t the first time vegan activists have chosen supermarkets as their poster boards.

The last time animal rights activists engaged in some sticker-vism was in January last year.

Stickers were plastered on meat products at some Woolworths and Coles stores.

Back then, the stickers read, “Meat consumption causes diabetes” and, “Meat consumption causes heart disease”.