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A capitalism that makes everyone Richer — by giving it all away – The Times


 The Sunday Times

A few weeks ago, amid the glittering splendour of Lancaster House in London, Princess Anne presented First magazine’s annual award for responsible capitalism. As Guy Singh-Watson launched into his acceptance speech, her regal smile vanished, replaced by a well-practised expressionless mask. Others in the room betrayed their shock as they were subjected to a tirade against capitalism itself.

He declared it “an imminent threat to our planet and our civilisation”, and ranted: “My understanding of the words ‘responsible’ and ‘capitalism’ would seem to suggest that they are incompatible.” This was not the graceful acceptance speech the grandees making the award had expected when praising Singh-Watson for passing on his Riverford Organic Farmers business to the staff last year. Over 30 years, the Devon firm’s veg…

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