Muslim mum demands compo from Aldi


A Muslim mum has demanded compensation from supermarket chain Aldi after eating a vegetarian pasta sauce she thought contained bacon.

Rianne Ward, 39, from Derby in the UK said she “smelled something odd” in the lasagne sauce and was furious when she tasted it, as Muslims are forbidden from eating pork.

“I just sat down and my young son said, ‘Mummy, this smells like bacon’,” Ms Ward, who converted to Islam seven years ago, told Metro.

“When I ate it, it tasted just like bacon which made me feel sick. I was absolutely seething and went back down to the store. I just went in with the jar of sauce and made them smell it. I thought it must have been contaminated.”

She added, “There was no bacon in it because it had a vegetarian label, but a staff member kept telling me it was a carbonara sauce. It isn’t. It’s just a white sauce, but that shouldn’t explain why it tastes like bacon.”

Ms Ward has lodged a complaint with Aldi and kept the sauce in her fridge as evidence. She still believes it may have been contaminated with bacon. She said she hoped to be compensated.

“I’m absolutely furious,” she said. “I’ve been a Muslim for years now and avoided bacon for so long. Then this happens. I felt like I’d betrayed my religion. Aldi have told me they are going to test the sauce to see if it has been contaminated. It’s just not on.”

An Aldi spokesman told Metro the sauce was vegetarian and contained a smoked flavouring. “We are sorry to hear Miss Ward is unhappy with this product and can reassure her the lasagne sauce is completely meat free,” he said. “The product is flavoured with smoked salt which gives it its distinctive taste.”