Almost 200,000 Australians who failed to vote at Victorian election slapped with $81


Around 190,000 Victorians have been slapped with fines for failing to vote at the last state election, while another 60,000 dodged fines after proving valid reasons for missing it.

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) will fine each of those who failed to vote $81, one of the biggest fines of any state in the country.

Australians who fail to vote at the federal election are liable for a $20 fine.

Warwick Gately, Victorian electoral commissioner in a statement urged people who received an infringement notice for failing to vote to take it seriously.

Another $25.10 fine was sent to group of non-voters because they failed to respond to the letter from the VEC.

“The most important thing is that you respond to the notice before the deadline – otherwise you could receive a Penalty Reminder Notice which carries the original penalty and an additional fee,” Mr Gately said.

This serves as an important reminder for the upcoming federal election on May 18 at which voting is also required, that the best way to avoid a fine is to vote.

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