Delivery woman’s disgusting driveway act


A female Amazon delivery driver has been caught on CCTV squatting and weeing in a customer’s driveway — and the clip has since gone viral.

The disturbing footage left viewers in disbelief when security cameras captured the woman pulling her trousers down and urinating on a road in Maryland, USA.

The video, which instantly became viral on social media, first shows the woman get out of her van with the parcel in hand and walk towards the front door.

After throwing the parcel on the ground, she proceeded to take a picture of it before turning around and heading back to her van.

Just as viewers thought this would be it, the woman puts her phone on the van’s bonnet, and pops a squat just in front of the vehicle after pulling her trousers down.

She then began to urinate.

After finishing the horrific act, she pulled her trousers up and got back into the vehicle, leaving a filthy puddle of her urine on the road.

A spokesperson for Amazon said: “This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers.

“This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages and we’re in direct communication with the customer.”

Once the video became viral, Reddit users quickly shared their shocked opinions in the comments.

One angry viewer wrote: “This woman is a real piece of work. She delivered to my friend and slammed their package against their glass storm door.”

Another added: “She should be fired for s****ing/p****ng in the road. Jesus, some people’s children!”

While a third wrote: “There seems to be a trend with Amazon employees and peeing in places that aren’t normal.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission