Paul Heath: How to increase sales in your business – The Bolton News


Q. How do I increase my sales?

A. Sales are created from two inputs: lead flow and conversion and to increase sales volume requires an improvement in one or both of these. Trying to cover the myriad ways you can increase leads and improve conversion would require some in-depth knowledge of a specific business and take a lot of time to do it justice.

There is one key element common to increasing lead flow and improving conversion. It will also be fundamental to ensuring any increase in sales is sustainable. The key component is trust!

In a world where trust is often in short supply, it can really help a business to stand out. At the most basic level, business is about relationships and the strength of any relationship is built on trust.

My advice is to create a culture of trust in and within your business. There are some really simple tips – they may seem like common sense but they are not always common practice.

Most importantly, do what you say you will do, when you said you would do it. Or do it better and sooner than you said you would. And always be honest but tactful at the same time.

Replace your self-interest with the interest of your customers. If your offering is correct then their interests are yours anyway. And when things go wrong (and they will) put them right quickly. Extend trust in others and create this culture within your staff as well as your customers. These are simple approaches that are often forgotten when the pressure of running a business is on.When your business can be trusted, the foundations for sales are strong. Go to or ring 07496 833803